Fly Guy is a immature manchild that is voiced by Matt Vargas. Since

Fly Guy


Shy Guy


Shy Guy






Shy Guy,Shy Girl,Shy Jr.,Spear Tribe, Fly Girl,Guitar Guy


Lie Guy,Cool Guy

he acts like a child, everyone has ostracised him and he lives alone in """"Heaven""""" which may or may not exist but if it does then checkmate atheists.



Shy GuyEdit

He likes him as a friend but he thinks he's the utmost pinnacle of annoyance, which later made him exit his own existance in Episode 25 Part 2: Electric Boogaloo.

Shy GirlEdit

She's his 2nd best friend which is pretty derogatory I mean how would you feel if you were friends with someone and then they're like "Oooh yes you're just my second best friend" personally I'd be really peeved and seek out revenge on the "first best friend" and this is probably why Shy Girl joined the Taliban and killed Cool Guy in a certain plane crash that is unspoken of in American Society but hey since these are just Shy Guy's it's fine -- Shy Girl killed Cool Guy in the September 11 Attacks (assuming George Bush did nothing wrong.)

Shy Jr.Edit

Restraining order due to (((((certain traumatizing events))))).

Spear TribeEdit

He was said to be their "god" from Entertainment Magezine but then he left which made them throw spear.

Including the above statement which was not edited in any way by I, the evil meany-head troll, it turns out that "Entertainment Magezine" was really one of Post-Weimar Guy's subordinates. The evil president of "Entertainment Magezine" sent out all the Gestapo Guys to destroy Fly Guy in the plot-important "Kampf War IV".

Fly GirlEdit

They are eally dumb so they call themselves "Super Best Friends". If they knew about "love" then they would be known as boyfriend and girlfriend. Stupid is as stupid does.

Guitar GuyEdit

Not really much except that they went on a journey together


Lie GuyEdit

Lie Guy put Shy Guy in jail which made him his rival but really what ever happened to justice wouldn't there be a court case or something either way Lie Guy is bae.

Cool GuyEdit

He thinks he's all cool which makes them do a "Yo Mama" contest but then he got Wilda Vamerama so later he got a plane to smash them


He stays with his mom but had to get more money so he tried an application for Mario's Hamburger House but quickly gets fired.Then he works with Shy Girl but doesn't know how to work the camera


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Fly Guy

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