Shy Guy is the main character of the show

Shy Guy


Shy Guy


Shy Guy






Fly Guy, Shy Girl, Fly Girl


Lie Guy, Cool Guy


Fly GuyEdit

This is more of a friendship / conflict. They met each other at a bus stop, but after a while he started to think he was annoying.

Shy GirlEdit

They both like each other but they're too nervous to tell the other. In episode 25 Shy-Bot made her start to hate Shy Guy but he's all confused of this
Shy GuyxShy Girl

Art Matt drew about Shy Guy's love towards Shy Girl

Fly GirlEdit

Not much is known about them but in episode 24 he "complimented" her, but then he was going to hurl.


Lie GuyEdit

Basiclly he used a love ray on Shy Girl and got Shy Guy in jail.


He works at Mario's Hamburger House as a order-taker but is sometimes annoying as his boss usually just says "get to work!".


  • Well, first day at work.This oughta' be fun.
  • Ummm, it's sarachasm?
  • How come your name's Fly Guy? I mean, you don't even fly
  • Yeahhhhhh, I still don't see how you're cool
  • Well, it's just that it's been 2 episodes and nothing exciting's happened yet
  • Ehh. I'm Bored
  • What the heck is a pokemon?
  • Wait, I don't even have a pokemon. Wait, I don't even know what a pokemon is
  • Hey Fly Guy, you're a loser
  • Guys Guys we can settle this in a mature manner. So it's time for a Yo Mama Rap Battle
  • I would say I wonder where Fly Guy is but as long as he is away from me I don't really care.


  • Shy Guy's original design
  • Astounded
  • In Uniform